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About Us

Honest, intellectual, minimalist.

The modern Asian woman is East and West. She is truthful, calm, stoic at times. She knows what she wants, then lives life to the fullest. With deft handling of situations, the modern Asian woman preserves traditions that withstand the test of time.

Doyenne Magazine cares for the world at large.

She’s on a mission to uncover how modern Asian women can do it all with grit and glamour – enrich lives with femininity, style and grace. This spurs her to become a model citizen – indulge in moderation, tackle topics with a considered hand and curate things that last.

Doyenne Magazine believes that a modern Asian woman should keep doing what she does, “the world becomes a better place because of you.”

Cheers to intentional living: healing with a patient heart, touching others with creativity and inviting more joy into everyday lives.

Doyenne Magazine is a small website company based in sunny Singapore. Please mind our response time. Often, we’re out making a life, chasing sunsets and going after what gives us goosebumps.