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Work From Home Club

By Sep 2022March 8th, 2023No Comments

Chuck’s chic sweatsuits might be the answer.

Just when working from home calls for comfy loungewear, tracksuits that come in cute colours and roomy sizes provide the tools you need to feel inspired while working from home.

Exuding chill vibes, a recent line of loungewear by KL-based social media influencer Jane Lau is a match made in lifestyle heaven. Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoodies, sweat shirts, pants and shorts are cut in bright, retro colours and designed with relaxed, generous fabrics at Chuck’s.

If drinking till the wee hours of the morning is out, then casually pairing tracksuits with sporty kicks is in. Brand campaigns splashed across Instagram see Malaysia’s creative crowd strutting their stuff across the living room and bedroom floor.

The cool kids are not just dressing well. They are also spreading cheer about the latest work from home club.

Think of this as your safe haven, implores Chuck’s homepage.

Relax and just, truly be yourself.

Slip into something comfy.

Bask in some breathing space and find the room to grow.

That’s where the magic can happen, from the comfort of your own couch.

Not to be mistaken for a fast fashion gimmick, Chuck’s garment quality justifies the price tag. Each merchandise also features tongue-in-cheek wordplay on the popular US teen drama character, Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl. How not to resist someone that’s a rebel at heart.